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Corporate Compliance

Our Centers are committed to conducting all of their activities in compliance with all federal and state laws and laws governing the health care industry. The Centers expect all employees, contractors, and consultants to conduct themselves in an ethical manner consistent with the regulations developed by the Federal Office of the Inspector General. Our compliance program endeavors to take practical steps to minimize, and ideally eliminate fraud and abuse in our Centers.

The purpose of our Centers’ Compliance Programs are to proactively identify and correct possible issues of fraud and abuse. Further our employees are expected to make a commitment to ethical and legal standards for patient care, confidentiality, billing practices, conflicts of interest, use of property and vendor relationships. This includes complying with federal, state and insurance regulations, using high moral and ethical standards in our interactions with others, conducting our work according to our written policies, and creating an environment where our behavior and services reflects our commitment to our customers.

Reporting Non-compliance

To report a potential non-compliance issue regarding a Center please contact a member of our Corporate Compliance Committee. To report a concern please call 508-612-5698 or send an email to Corporate Compliance Officer(s):


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